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My Grandfather                                           Tan Sze Wen (2K)

          My grandfather is a dentist.  He is 61years old.  He lives in Alor Setar, Kedah.  He has seven grandchildren.  He likes to read magazines and medical books. Every school holiday, he will bring me to the shopping mall to buy something for me.

          My grandfather loves me very much. I also love him because he is a kind and helpful man.

Myself                           Teh Yisan  (2K)

          My name is Teh Yisan.  I am eight years old.  I am in Year 2K.  I study at SJK (C) Kim Sen, Bukit Mertajam.

          I have a brother, Yiren.  He is three years old.  We live in Simpang Ampat and I really like living here.

          My hobbies are drawing, reading and watching television.  I love reading adventure stories.  My favourite cartoon is ‘Never Land Pirates’.


My First Swimming Lesson                

Lim Jia Yee (2I)

          Today is my first lesson at the swimming class.  The water in the swimming pool is very cold.  The water level in the swimming pool is as high as my shoulder.  The swimming pool is big and deep.  My sister and I are very happy to swim in the swimming pool.  My coach is Mr Wong.  There are many people today.  The coach is teaching us breathing and floating techniques. 

           After swimming, we feel hungry and go home for dinner at 7.30pm.  I am very happy.  My sister is very happy too.


My Ambition           Rujira Loo (3K)

My name is Rujira Loo. I am nine years old. I was born in Thailand. I have two brothers in my family and I am the youngest among them. I study at SJK(C) Kim Sen in Year 3 in the first class which is 3K.

           I always wanted to fly up high into the sky to visit many countries. Thus, when I grow up, I wanted to be a pilot, so that I can take passengers that boarded the plane to their destinations.

            In order to achieve my ambition, I need to study hard and take good care of my eyes because if I have poor eyesight, I cannot be a pilot anymore. I will be very excited if I have the chance to go to the training centre to learn the technics to fly an aeroplane and to obtain a flying license.

            If really I can achieve my ambition, I will surely take my family to fly around the world.

My Birthday           Mok Qi Wen (3I)

            It was yesterday that I celebrated my ninth birthday. I invited many relatives and friends to my birthday party. My mother prepared a lot of food and drinks such as: cake, fried noodles, fried chickens, ice creams, puddings, nuggets, pizzas and different types of juice.

            The party started at 6.30 in the evening. I wore a beautiful gown and a pair of high-heeled shoes. All the guests brought along their lovely presents or red packets for me. I can see there were nine candles on my cake too.

            First of all, my friends and relatives sang the birthday song for me. I blew out candles and cut the cake. Then, my mother helped me to distribute the cake to them. We also had a great feast. We played some interesting games like musical chairs, stamping balloons, singing and dancing.

            We played and enjoyed ourselves very much. All the guests left my house before 11.30 in the night. I unwrapped my birthday presents excitedly.

I had a really happy and enjoyable birthday party and I felt really thankful to my parents for giving me this birthday party which I will remember forever.



 My Best Friend                                         Teh Shan Yee (4I) Peh Ye Suen (4I)  

            I have many friends in this world. My best friend is Juvina Tan. We have been friends since kindergarten.

Juvina is kind. She always helps people who are in difficulty. She has a pair of big and beautiful eyes and a small mouth. Juvina always helps the teachers to carry books to the staffroom.

            Every Sunday and Saturday, I will go to her house. We play together for three hours. We will go to the playground behind her house. We play on the swings and the slide there. She also helps me with my homework. If I do not have enough money to buy food, she will treat me. Before every exam she will help me with my revision and I will help her with hers.

             I am happy because I have a good and kind friend. If we get good results in our exams we will thank each other. We hope to be friends forever.



A Visit To The Fun Park      Chuah Yi Wen(5K)

            During the school holidays, my family went on trip to Johor Bahru.  We went there by flight.  It was my first experience travelling in a plane.  Thus, my brother and I felt very excited and happy.  On that day, we woke up early.  After having our breakfast, my father drove us to Penang International Airport.

            We reached Johor Bahru Airport at about 9.00 a.m.  My uncle drove us to his house.  The next day, we went to Legoland.  We went there early in the morning to avoid the traffic jam.  As it was the school holidays, when we arrived at Legoland there was a long queue.

            After buying our entrance tickets, we went into Legoland.  At first, we drove the go-kart.  I drove a yellow go-kart while my brother drove a blue one.  We had to follow the traffic rules and regulations during the race.  Later, we went boat racing.  My cousin, Kim Ping and I sat on a red boat.  I felt very excited and had a wonderful time there because I had a chance to row the boat.

            At 12.00 noon, we felt very hungry.  We took a break and had our lunch at a food court in Legoland.  The food was very delicious and reasonably priced.  After lunch, we went to the 5D theatre.  The special effect of the theatre was excellent.  This made the movie very interesting and lively.  Then, we went to the most interesting part of Legoland.  My cousin and I managed to build a beautiful castle with lego blocks.  My brother built a robot.

            Later we went for a ride on a roller coaster.  We felt very scared but fun when riding on it.  After the ride, we felt very tired and dizzy.  Then, we had ice-creams.  We also took a ride on the giant musical tea cups.  The musical tea cups were very special.  They can turn very fast.  We also took many photographs there.

            Before we left Legoland, we stopped at the souvenir shop.  I bought some dinosaur key-chains made from lego blocks.

            We had a wonderful time together at Legoland.  I hope that I could go to Legoland again in the near future!


My Favorite Food   Irene Lee Xin Ying (5I)

            There are many kinds of food in the world for us to enjoy. Some are good for us while others are not.

            My favorite food is Nasi Lemak. It is a delicious and spicy. Whenever my family and I go out for breakfast, I always suggest we eat Nasi Lemak.

            My mother is also good at cooking Nasi Lemak. It is rather simple. All you need is santan, fried anchovies, roasted peanuts, boiled eggs, sliced cucumber and hot spicy sambal.

            Nasi Lemak is a balanced meal with carbohydrate from the rice, protein from the anchovies, eggs and peanuts and fibre as well as vitamins from the cucumber.

            I love this dish. It is delicious and yummy.

A Robbery                  Jaw Xinyi( 6K)

            One evening when the sun was about to set, my mother asked me to go and buy some onions and salt from the nearby sundry shop.  As I was walking towards the sundry shop, I saw two men entering a computer shop.  They wore dark glasses and their behaviour looked suspicious.

             Suddenly, I heard shouting and I could see a big-sized man holding a knife. The workers of the shop were forced to lie face-down on the floor by the other robber.

            I quickly hid behind a big tree and watched the whole incident discreetly.  The robbers were threatening the poor owner.  He was crying and pleading for mercy.  Reluctantly, the owner of the shop who was forced at knife-point to open the drawer where he kept his cash. The robber bent over and made a grab for the cash.

            I ran to the nearest telephone booth and called the police.  Just as I was hanging up the telephone, I saw two policemen on patrol.  I told them what had happened.  The policemen gave chase but unfortunately the robbers had vanished with the day’s takings.

            Many weeks passed but the robbers were never detected and the owner gave up hope of ever recovering his stolen valuables.  However, he had taken better security measures and had even installed a burglar alarm and a CCTV to safeguard his shop.



A Special Gift                 Peh Ke Suen(6K)

            Everybody thinks that a gift must be something tangible.  But to me, this special gift is abstract.  It is from my dear parents.  This special gift is the great support from them.

            During the preparation for my coming UPSR examination, both my parents always give me encouragement.  They give me all the things needed to prepare for the exam.  They provide me a quiet environment to study at home, they send me to extra classes and they also buy reference books for me to study.

            Apart from that, my parents do not give me any pressure.  They don’t ask for good results, they only want me to enjoy my study.  I am very grateful of that.

            My parents make sure I have nutritious food and get enough sleep.  Besides that, my parents take me to the park to exercise.  I go jogging with them.  I always have fun when I jog.  This is to make sure that I have a healthy body.  We need a healthy body in order to have a focus mind.



A Trip to Hua Hin, Thailand             

Grace Tan Yin Hui(5I)

During the last school holidays, my parents took my family for a trip to Hua Hin, Thailand. We spent five days and four nights there.

We went to Hua Hin by train. It was a long journey and it took seventeen hours to reach there. It was the first time for me and my brother to take a night train and we were very excited to sleep on the train.

We reached Hua Hin Railway Station at 7 o'clock the next day. The railway station is one of the oldest stations in Thailand, built in the 1920s. Many people came to visit the railway station.                      

            We went to have our lunch at Sam Phan Nam Floating Market. We ordered a plate of Pad Thai each and it was cooked in the canal boat. We loved it because it was delicious. While eating, we enjoyed listening to live guitar music.                                                                         

            After lunch, we went to Huay Mongkol Temple. The temple is magnificent and legendary. My grandfather got some amulets from the temple as well.

Then, we went to Plearn Wan. Plearn Wan is a village built with rusty tin pieces and wooden planks. We saw antique cars, an old gas pump, old pinball machines and an old radio there. After having dinner at the night market, we went back to the hotel feeling exhausted but contented.

We went to Klai Kang Won Palace after breakfast on our third day there. The palace was built beside the sea and the wind was strong. It was one of the summer residences of the King of Thai. We rent a tandem bicycle for three persons. We also visited a beautiful flower garden behind the palace.  

We went to the Swiss Sheep Farm in the afternoon. My brother and I went in the Alpaca Farm and we saw three alpacas inside the farm. We fed them with carrots and some green grass. Feeding the alpaca was my ultimate experience of the trip.

Next, we went to the Santorini Park. The park is similar to the white and blue buildings of Santorini in Greece. There were a lot of beautiful Christmas decorations in the park. I did not miss the opportunity to take some snapshots as remembrance. We also played the water balloon in the park.

The next day, we checked out from the hotel at noon and we went to the Venezia. The place was scenic and we bought many souvenirs there.

We took a train back to our hometown in the evening. We went back home reluctantly. It was a memorable holiday for my entire family. I hope we can go there again in the near future.



                                                My Class, 6I                                    Isabelle Yong Leyi( 6I)

            Stop it! Give it back to me. I mean it,” shouts echoing in the background. Yes, this is my class. I have spent three full years with a total of 40 pupils, all of different characters and family background.  Most of us have gone through the thick and thin to be where we are now. This is the year we are going to have our UPSR, a year we have a common goal, a year we will strive our mighty best to reach the ultimate goal. We have set the goal, of obtaining 7As in our UPSR, making our class teachers proud and delighted.

I can proudly say that my class, 6I, is an enthralling one. It is full of fascinating pupils. There’s a bespectacled one who is very good in his studies but he is not a nerd. He is our role model to achieve grades with flying colours. He’s the one whom most of us will go to, after each exam paper, to check our answers. Everyone desires to be first in class but he is never selfish in assisting us or sharing his knowledge. There are some well-rounded students in my class, who excel academically and in extra curricular activities. They are the pride of my class, 6I.

Along with the hardworking ones, my class has some very interesting people. Their bubbliness brings joy to the class and without them, the mood in the class might not be as uplifting as it is now. Their presence does not interfere with our studies, in fact, it helps us concentrate better. This makes studying fun, not difficult and stressful.

All of us are under the watchful eyes of our class teacher, Miss Teh. She’s a young lady who shows passion in her work. She may look friendly and soft spoken, but like the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover.” She is very strict when it comes to school works and our studies. She pays attention to our discipline and our attitude towards learning. I can say she is a good teacher who will guide us to the right path.

All in all, I am lucky to be a part of this class, 6I. Hereby, I wish the best to my classmates for the coming UPSR.


My Trip to Singapore              

Khor Jia Wynn ( 6I )            

            Last year, I passed my year-end school examination with flying colours. In order to encourage me to keep up with the good work, my parents decided to take my whole family on a trip to Singapore. I felt excited for I could finally see my cousin brother who lived with my aunt and uncle in an apartment. We were lucky for our flight was not delayed.

            We reached Singapore’s Changi Airport at 1:20p.m. Then, we took a taxi to my aunt’s apartment. She was waiting for us outside the apartment. She greeted us warmly and took us up to the twenty-second floor where they lived. My cousin brother was overjoyed to see us. I could not even help grinning for we had not seen each other since the June holidays.

            We went to a restaurant called “Crystal Jade Restaurant” to eat our lunch. My aunt kept offering us more food. After lunch, we went to visit the Science Centre. There were many amazing exhibitions. I can still remember there was some sort of machine that could predict what you looked like when you were a baby and what you would look like when you were an adult. I laughed at myself after looking at the picture of me as an adult.

            The next day, we went to Sentosa Island. Unfortunately, we were unable to get tickets into the Universal Studios because the tickets were all sold out. We were quite disappointed.  Therefore, my aunt tried to cheer us up by taking us to the Hershey’s Chocolate Shop. There were different varieties of chocolates in different shapes and sizes. Other than that, there were also bottles of chocolate syrup. In the end, my mother bought two bars of Hershey’s chocolate and a bottle of Hershey’s dark chocolate syrup.

            In the afternoon, we went to visit a park. There was a maze in the park. So, I, my brothers and my cousin split up. After ten minutes, I was panting after running into the same kid for the sixth time. Finally I managed to emerge from the maze. I ran to find my parents and found all of them laughing at me for being the last one to come out of the maze.

            The next day, we bade goodbye to my aunt and her family. Then, we took a bus to the airport and boarded a plane back home. I hope to see my cousin again next year. It was a really memorable trip.



                    The Wonderful Holiday               Ang I Yi (5I)

            “Ring… …” Yeh! The holidays were finally here! I had completed my Year Four education. I was as happy as a lark.

            I walked home excitedly because my father agreed to take my family to Penang during the holidays. I was looking forward to the journey.

            The next morning, after having our breakfast, we departed from our house to Penang. We chatted happily and excitedly together in the car.

            First, we went to Bukit Bendera. The air around Bukit Bendera very fresh. There were many kinds of flora on the hill. The view up there was very beautiful.

            After that, we visited the Toy Museum. There were many toys in the museum. My family and I were amazed when we saw the toys. My father took some pictures there.

            We felt very hungry so we had our lunch in Penang. We ate Penang Laksa in a restaurant. The food was very delicious. We enjoyed the food.

            After having our lunch, my family and I went to Batu Feringgi. We splashed swam excitedly in the sea. Then, we picked up some beautiful seashells. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

            It was six o’clock in the evening. We felt tired and we wanted to go home. Before that, we bought some souvenirs in China Town. We wanted to give them to our relatives. Then, we went home by ferry. We were disappointed because we did not get to see any dolphins swimming by.

             I learnt many things from this trip. I hope that my parents will bring us to Penang during the next school holidays.

The World Today              

Marcus Wang Zhe Qi(6K)

                                                                                                                                                            When you walk along the streets, what would you see?  Children playing games on the latest gadgets, teenagers smoking, adults complaining about everyday topics.  The world today is a busy and bustling world, compared to the simplicity of yesterday.

            Whenever we read the latest news in the newspapers, what would we see on the headlines?  Wars, murders, violence et cetera.  We speak of world peace, but what have we done to achieve this goal?  Has war benefited us?  The answer is a simple ‘No’.  Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself, why is there violence worldwide.  The reason is greed.  Greed for money and power will lead people to go all ends to achieve these goals.  Another factor is anger; take Adolf Hitler for an example, the dictator of Nazi Germany.  His ambition was to be an artist but was faced with the harsh remarks and sneers of people, including his own family.  His hatred was built up and he became the person hated by many, killing millions mercilessly.

            We say children are the leaders of tomorrow.  In my opinion, I don’t think so.  Look at the youngsters of today.  Many are spoilt brats, materialistic and not interested in the world around them. And the adults?  No difference; some think they are clever ones and make no mistakes, some are just as inconsiderate and racists.  I think back to the old days, when children played together and adults chatted together, regardless of race and religion.

            I really hope the people in this world would come to their senses and think rationally, instead of acting like foolish and narrow minded ones irrespective of religions, needs, faith, beliefs and colours!


 Mother Earth                                                                         Vincent Ooi (5K)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Our beloved  mother earth,                                          However, we are not grateful,

you were pretty and healthy,                                       for the things you have given,

on you, we have lived,                                                 disasters happen,

harmonious and peacefully,                                        because of the money we crave.

there were lush mountains,

crystal clear rivers,                                                       Stop cutting down trees,

trees and seas,                                                              and stop polluting the seas,

various animals,                                                           conserve our mother earth,

living happily.                                                              for our future generations.



A Terrible Nightmare        Loh Ee Lyn  6E-2013

                One night, I was home alone because my family was watching a movie at the cinema. I did not like watching movies, so I stayed at home alone.

It was already very late at night, and I was lying on the sofa, reading a book about ghosts and scary creatures.

          When I was reading my book, I heard a sound outside the house. It sounded like a dog in distress. I pressed my face against the window pane to see what was outside. Then, I saw a shadowy figure and it looked like a big dog.

          I loved animals and I wanted to help it. I opened the door and walked towards the big dog. When I stepped closer to the animal, it growled at me and it looked at me with its big yellow eyes. Then it stood up and snarled, showing its big and sharp canines. Then only did I realize that it was not a dog, but a wolf-like monster!

          I started running like a bat out of hell, but it ran as fast as a   cheetah. I tried to shake it loose, but it still kept on chasing me.

          Then I tripped on a rock and fell to the ground. When I sat up, the creature was now walking slowly towards me, and then it pounced on me!

          I closed my eyes, and getting ready to feel its long sharp fangs sinking into me. I was shaken and rocked from side to side. I opened my eyes and guess what I saw? My younger sister was shaking me to wake me up. Apparently, I had fallen asleep on the sofa.

          I quickly sat up, and looked around. And there, I found my parents staring at me. Oh! It was only a dream. A terrible one! When I told my parents about my dream, they all looked at me and laughed. Then, my mother told me not to read any more ghost stories.

          From that day onwards, I promised myself not to read any ghost stories before going to bed. Until now, that terrible nightmare still haunts me.


                                       A Weird Dream                      by Isabelle Yong 5I-2013

“Oh no, oh no!” I cried. I was so engrossed in my story reading that I forgot the teacher had summoned me to the staff room earlier on. It was about the paper which I did badly and failed. “Oh, I’m as dead as a dodo!” I cried in my heart. I better set off to the staff room to find my Mathematics teacher, Mr. Tan before I got into deeper trouble.

I zoomed up the stairs and rushed to the staff room like a bat out of hell. When I reached the staff room, what stood before my eyes was a scene no one could ever imagine. “Ahhhh!” I cried in silence. What a shock I got and was feeling wobbly all of a sudden. I looked as white as sheet when I saw aliens, not just one but a great number of aliens sitting at the teachers’ desks! I was so scared that I didn’t have the courage to greet the alien teachers “Good Morning” like I always did. Really, I nearly wet my pants!

And guess what, their clothes were terrible and their hair was worst. Before I could react, one of the alien teachers spotted me and soon my appearing spread like wildfire before I could response. Now, thanks to that alien teacher who spotted me, every alien teacher in the staff room was looking at me! Could you ever imagine having so many aliens staring at you?

Now, I had a good look at them. They were in scaly bodies that came with big heads with eyes popping out. Suddenly, one alien teacher spoke to the other alien teachers in a strange language that was all Greek to me. Soon after, with a blink of my eye, all the alien teachers were charging at me.

I was putting up a fight that came with punches and kicks. At the same time, I felt a sharp pain on my head. Then, I woke up and I found myself in my classroom, safe and sound! Wasn’t I being chased by alien teachers? Wasn’t I struggling and punching and kicking? No! I was here having a dream! When I looked up, Mr Lim’s face was a red as a beetroot because it seemed that I had fallen asleep in his class. To make things worse, he suffered a punch from me. I glanced around the class. I was like a “star” with all eyes on me.

Needless to say, I was punished for sleeping in class and for punching Mr Lim. I was ordered to clean up the classroom for a month plus writing 500 times of “I will not sleep in class anymore”. What a day!



               MY  BEST FRIEND              Mak Xin Ying 6I-2013

          My best friend is Jessie Chan Ji Cheng. Most of her friends called her Jessie. We have known each other for three years and we study in the same school and same class.

          Jessie is 12 years old and her birthday is on the 29th of September 2001. She stays in Taman Saujana Permai, Bukit Mertajam. Her height is 147cm and she weighs 35 kg. She is a responsible and diligent girl.

          She is a lanky girl with dark complexion. In fact, she is a charming looking teenager. She is helpful, bright and humorous. There is a lot of laughter around her all the time. Jessie is the most talented among our circle of friends.

Jessie is a kind and considerate person. When I have trouble with Mathematics, she will teach me to solve the problems. Jessie often finds time to help me in Mandarin too. She also helps me with the homework when I am absent from school.

          Jessie is an active girl. Her hobbies are playing badminton and jogging. Every evening, we will spend time playing badminton together. Moreover, she is head and shoulders above the rest of us in sports.

Despite her weaknesses, I still consider Jessie to be my best friend. I am proud to have her as my best friend. I hope that our friendship will last on forever.

My Holiday At  Cameron Highlands            Chew Yong Jun 4I-2013


       The most important thing to do during school holidays is to spend quality time together with family members. School holidays are the best time for family members to come together.

        For this holiday, my parents decided to spend our holiday at Cameron Highlands. They told us that we would go there in the first week of the holidays. My brother asked my mum why we could not go there in the second week. My mum told us we must make preparation to go back to school in the second week.

On Sunday night, my siblings and I packed our things to go to Cameron Highlands the next day. We started our journey at 7:00 in the morning. So, we must finish packing the things that night. On that day, we started our journey happily. After 5 hours’ journey, we finally reached there. Cameron Highlands is the best place to spend our holidays. It means my parents made a good decision. After that, my father check-in at the famous hotel in the heart of Cameron Highlands.

The second day, we visited the Strawberry’s Farm. My brother was very excited because he really wanted to go to the strawberry farm. There, we were allowed to pick the strawberries on our own and also  eat them. It was an amazing experience that one never could forget.

After lunch, we went to Cameron Bharat Plantations. It was the most popular tea farm in Cameron Highlands. If you drop by in the morning, you will get to see the tea pickers cutting out the tea leaves and bundling up the leaves on a big basket. The farm is really big. The view is also beautiful. We took a lot of photographs.

On the third day and also our last day there, my mother bought a lot of vegetables, strawberries and a couple of packets of tea leaves. It was because tea was my mother’s favorite drink. 

My holiday was a happy one and full of fun. I enjoyed it and was looking forward to going there again soon.         


                              My Grandfather         Shamaine Cheah Min En   6E-2013

My grandfather’s name is Neoh Cheng Khoon. He was a joyful, humble, helpful and lovingly person. Unfortunately, he passes away six years ago. He was seventy years old then.

          I remember that my grandfather visited us every day when he was alive. He always bought our favourite food, VCDs and toys for my sister, brother and me. My parents told me he would never missed a day to visit the three of us since the day we were born in the hospital.

          He would bring us to the park, McDonald’s, and our favourite snacks. We would stay over at his house during weekends. He treated my sister, brother and me like prince and princesses during our stay there. He would bring food to our room. We watched movies and played games all day.

          I still remembered there was once when I was three years old, when I slept over one day. I cried for my parents the whole night. My grandfather tried to comfort me but still, I kept crying. At last, my grandfather had no choice but to take me home although it was already passed midnight.

          My grandfather loved to rear birds and fishes. He would also go to the bird shop with his friends to see and buy birds. He had a lot of friends. Everyone loved him. They would buy gifts for him on his birthday or when they went for holidays. They always invited him for lunch or dinner. He was a busy old man. Our family and my uncles would go back every weekend to visit him.

          Even until today, I still missed my grandfather. I missed his love and jokes and most of all his laughter. I would remember and love my grandfather. He was a great old man, good father and a loving grandfather.


                           Let’s Save Our Natural Resources!       Tan Ying Rong 4I-2013


Natural resources are useful things that come from naturel. The most important of these are water, soil, trees and clean air. We need water to drink and wash. For this reason, we must be careful not to make the water dirty. We need soil to plant trees and crop for food. We must be careful to save the land and not destroy it! We need trees too. Trees give us oxygen which helps us to breathe in clean air. We must not cut down too many trees or build too many factories. The gases released from factories make the air dirty. We should save and protect our natural resources. If we do, we will live in a beautiful and healthy world.


                      The Story About My best Friend And I         Yeap Chia Xuan 6I-2013

Alice is my best friend. She is a cheerful girl. She always has a smile on her face.

Alice‘s father passed away when she was just three years old. Her mother has to raise all three of them (Alice and her two brothers) so they are quite poor. However, Alice never gives up on the hope of living.

I really like Alice. I can’t even forget the day that I met her……It was a rainy day, I was going back home from school. But then I realized that I’ve forgotten to bring my umbrella. I stood there and went blank because I knew that I couldn’t go home in the rain, I would absolutely get a cold afterwards.

Then suddenly, a girl stood beside me and said that she could lend me hers. I looked at her, and the first image that I felt of her is “what a kind girl!”. I took her umbrella and said, “Let’s go together!”, because I knew that if she lends me hers, then she would have to go into the rain. She said yes and we went home together. We talked about each other and had a lovely time. Soon we became best friends.

Time is of the Essence                      Goh Zi        6I-2013


Time. It is both neglected and appreciated depending on how we use it. People who understand how to use time will not let even a minute pass without them using it to its fullest. People who do not know how to use time will let it fly past them.

If we understand how to use time, we will never complain about a shortage of it. In fact, we might find that there will be a little window of time left to do stuff that we want to our heart’s content.

We should never procrastinate. We should do important things first, then only can we move on to the trivial things. Let’s say that you have homework to do but you desperately want to have some fun with your friends. If you have fun with your friends first, you might find doing your homework to be extra difficult because you might have forgotten how to do it. If you put it the other way round, you can have fun with your friends without a care in the world.

Furthermore, we can use our extra time to achieve our own personal dreams. A person who might want to be a lawyer one day can read some books about law or watch television programs that have law included in it whereas a person who wants to be a writer can buy books that teach you how to write good essays and implicate the knowledge they have learned into writing essays.

We, as teenagers, tend to spend more time in front of the computer and wasting our precious time on things such as Facebook, computer games etc. Think of all the things that we can do rather than spending our time in front of the computer and degrading our eyesight. We could go out and talk to our friends face-to-face and develop some social skills. We could also invite our friends to the nearby park to run and loosen up those aching joints you got from spending so much time indoors.

We also spend a lot of time looking back into our past and regretting our mistakes and wondering what the future holds for us. In doing so, we will neglect the present. So, we should sit back, relax and accept anything that life throws at you no matter how tough it is as we might never live to see another sunrise. Also, we might think that there is a lot of time left to do stuff but there really isn’t any. Because of that, we should stop doing silly things and regret it later and start doing something useful so we will not regret it.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, and that is why it is called present.” To wrap this essay up, I will advise all those lazy-bums to get up and do something productive instead of wasting their precious time on stuff that are really not important to their daily lives.                             

New Graduates – You’re the Future

New graduates,
You're the future,
To lead this world.

Let happiness of this day,
Flow through your lives,
Let whatever you touch,
Turn into success.

But remember this,
Nothing's easy,
Experience doesn't,
Build up overnight.

Knowledge you see,
Is ever increasing,
Keep up with that,
Keep on improving.

Contribute more,
For what you receive,
That's the only way,
To move on in your job.

All your well-wishers,
Parents and teachers,
Are always counting,
On the progress you make.

Wish you all the best,
In everything you do,
Good things will happen,
Let your plans be good.



Chuah Yi Wen  3K

My Birthday Party


       My birthday party is on the eighteenth of November. I share my birthday with my brother because we are twins. My parents organized a birthday party for us. We invited many friends to our birthday party.

       On that day, my parents bought a special two-layered fruit cake for us. My mother also made some delicious dishes while my brother and I put up attractive decorations.

       Around 6:00pm in the evening, my friends started arriving at our house. They brought along presents for us. The party began with cake cutting. Our friends sang “Happy Birthday” song for us. We enjoyed eating the birthday cake and food prepared for us. We played many interesting games together. We received a very special present from our parent, that was a new bicycle. We were very excited and thanked our parents.

       We enjoyed ourselves at the party. The party ended around 10:00pm. I helped my parents to tidy up the house. It was a meaningful day for us. I hope that my parents will organize birthday party for us again.


Chuah Yi Hong , Class 3I

A Visit To The Zoo

        During the last school holidays, my father organized a family trip to Taiping Zoo. The zoo is located in Taiping, Perak.

       We went there by our mother’s new car. The journey took us an hour from our house. Upon our arrival, the zoo was already crowded with visitors. My father quickly paid for the tickets and we rushed into the zoo. Inside the zoo, there were two ways to tour around. Visitors can tour around by train provided by the zoo or by foot. We chose to walk around the zoo.

       We saw many animals. There were many types of monkeys in the zoo. Some were local and some were from others countries. My sister and I liked to watch the monkeys because they were cute and naughty, just like the children in the school. We saw big monkeys like chimpanzees and orang utans. We also saw other wild animals such as tigers, elephants, lions and alligators. My father introduced many types of animals of animals to us. We snapped lots of photos during the trip to the zoo. I am very excited to have a photo with an elephant at a close distance.

       It was a big zoo. It took us three hours to end our tour in the zoo. At the exit, we were exhausted and hungry. We went to a KFC restaurant nearby for lunch. It was a very tiring but fruitful day for us. We hope to visit the zoo again.


Chua Qian Hua  6K

The Night In The Desert

        The night came so swiftly.  As the winds grew stronger and colder, the rate of our footsteps began to slow down.  The fine desert sand found its way into our eyes.  The long and mysterious path before us seemed to just fade away into the ebony darkness of the starless night.

       We saw what looked like a multitude of shadows dancing before us.  Perhaps the enigmatic twilight and our exhausted minds were playing tricks on us.  Then again, it could have been the nocturnal beings and creatures of darkness lingering and awaiting their prey.  In my heart, I wished it was the former, not the latter.

       But there was neither strength nor vigour left in our veins to spare for much thought.  For three days and three nights had our journey been.  It felt as if an eternity had gone by.

       The soft sand seemed to swallow our footprints whole.  As I turned and looked behind, I could not tell from where our journey had begun, nor could I tell where it would end.  Only the cries of beasts echoed in the belly of the ghastly night.

       Our words were cloaked in a stutter, trembling from the growing cold.  My heartbeat raced as a shocking realization hit the frontiers of my mind – this could very well be my last night alive.  I may not live to see a new dawn.


Chan Ling Feng  6K

The King Of Fruits

        The durian, with its sweet-smelling flavour and creamy taste, is a very popular fruit in Southeast Asia, especially among Malaysians.  Due to its popularity, the durian has become known as the king of fruits.

       The king of fruits is actually very rich in nutrients.  These nutrients are important for nail and hair growth, and in promoting healthy organ functions.  Besides, they are also helpful in wound-healing.

       Durians can be found only in tropical countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.  It only bears fruit two to three times a year depending on the weather.  A good quality requires plenty of rainfall and sunlight throughout the whole bearing process.  Nevertheless, animals also help to pollinate the flowers.

       Finally, the king of fruits is however not enjoyed by some because of the smell but for me it is truly The King of Fruits.  So, if it looks good, taste it!


Samantha San 3K


       My name is Samantha San. I am nine years old. I live in Bukit Mertajam with my family. I am the eldest child in my family.

       I have a caring father and a loving mother. My mother is a manager and my father is a tuition teacher. I love them very much because they take good care of me.

       I study at SJK(C) Kim Sen. It is a big school. I like this very much because all the teachers are very kind and hardworking. I learn many subjects in the school. My favourite subjects are English and Arts.

       I have two hobbies. They are reading and drawing.

       Everyone has an ambition. When I grow up, I wish to be a doctor. I hope my dreams will come true.


Ooi  Xinsheng (3I)

My Hobby

       Everybody has a hobby. A hobby is what you enjoy doing during your free time; such as playing the piano, playing badminton, watching television, baking, reading and so on. My hobby is playing badminton. I enjoy playing badminton since I was five years old. I play badminton with my father and mother. We play badminton in the evening at the badminton court.

        I like to play badminton because it is fun to play and is also good for health. When I play badminton, I can train up my stamina too.


Yeoh Xin Ru  4I

My Favourite Teacher

A teacher is the one who is known as the base of our future or we can say teacher is the one who shows or teachers us the path of life. Puan Lau is my favourite teacher.

She is a beautiful lady. She is also a very understanding teacher. She treats students like friends, understands them and solves their problems in the best possible and easiest way. She is very helpful. A student can ask any question any time.

Queries never irritate her, and she will answer them politely. Puan Lau’s motivation in teaching helps me to enjoy and do well in my class. She always teaches her students good manners and to be disciplined.

She keeps her teaching interesting with the help of charts and maps. She is very kind to the weak and poor.

She shows no greed. She always gives her full time to the students. She is intelligent, respectful, honest and very friendly. Teacher, thank you!


Chew Yong Jun 3I 

Learning To Ride A Bicycle

       I first learned how to ride with training wheels when I was four years old. My dad took my training wheels off my bicycle and taught me how to ride a two-wheeler during the last school holidays.

       When I learned to ride my bicycle, I kept on falling and falling. My dad held me but I kept on falling. Learning to ride a bicycle is a challenge for me . Finally, I learned how to ride without falling off.

       I like riding my bicycle in the park because it was big and I can see other people riding their bicycles, running and walking with their dogs.

       I enjoyed riding my bicycle because it is good exercise, fun and keep us healthy. Riding bicycle is a lot of fun because it makes people happy.

 Beh Hui Ying  6K

A Trip To Cameron Highlands

        Last holiday, my father took us to a famous highland in Pahang, Cameron Highlands.  We went there in my father’s new car.

       In the early morning, we got ready all the things and left home at 8.00 a.m.  After three hours, we reached the foot of the mountain.  We stopped for lunch there.

       After lunch, we continued our trip.  The road was very winding.  I felt dizzy and very uncomfortable.  I felt like vomitting.

       An hour later, we reached our destination.  The fresh air in the highlands was very cold and fresh.  We checked into the hotel to rest.

       The next day, we visited the well-known tea farm, Boh Tea Farm.  All the workers in the tea farm were busy picking the tea leaves.  After that, we visited many other farms such as flower farm and strawberry farm.  The flower farm was filled with colourful and beautiful flowers.  The strawberry farm had many strawberries.  We picked some strawberries by ourselves and paid at the counter.

       On the third day, we went home with a heavy heart.  It was a memorable and fun trip.  I hoped that we could go to Cameron Highlands again the next holiday.



Best Friend

I still remember the first day we met
We were too shy to say much at all
It's funny to think back to that time
Because now we're having a ball!

They say that true friendship is rare
An adage that I believe to be true
Genuine friendship is something that I cherish
I am so lucky to have met you.

Our bond is extremely special
It is unique in its own way
We have something irreplaceable 
I love you more and more each day.

We've been through so much together
In so little time we've shared 
I will never forget all the moments
that you've shown me how much you cared.

Friends are forever
Especially the bond that you and I possess
I love your fun-filled personality
Somehow you never fail to impress.

The world could use more people like you
it would certainly be a better place
I love everything about you
You are someone I could never replace.

You are always there for me
When my spirits need a little lift
I cannot thank you enough for that
You are truly an extraordinary gift.

You are everything to me and more
I could never express that enough
Life is such a treacherous journey, and
Without you it would be even more tough.

Our story will continue to grow
With each passing day
Because I trust that with you by my side
Everything will always be Okay.

You are so dear to me
You know I will love you until the end
I will always be there for you, and
You will always be my best friend


Sherlyn Koay Sze Ning   6I

 Arguments of Definition

           A teacher has an important role that should never be taken lightly. They help inspire children to be the best that they can be. For a lot of children their teacher is the only decent role model that they may ever encounter in life. Also, parents have a sense of relief knowing that when their children are at school the teacher will keep them safe. In addition, there are several children who only get the support that they need from their teacher. A preschool teacher's job consists of being a role model, making sure the children are safe, and being supportive.

          First of all, a teacher should always be a good role model. Children will imitate adults, so when they see their teacher practising healthy procedures, then they will do the same. It is important that the teacher is on time, finish what has been started, and keep their word. Because when children see this, they start to have the mentality that if my teacher can do it then so can I. Also, being calm and patient when children are being very disobedient is a must. A lot of children are used to their parents yelling at them 24/7. When their teacher talks in a calm and assertive manner then they will start to understand that yelling is not the answer.

          Secondly, a teacher should always keep their children safe. The environment should be spacious enough for when the children play, it will help in reducing injuries. The teacher should incorporate games and books that help children in learning safety procedures. The teacher should communicate openly with the children about safe practices. More importantly, there should always be strict supervision.

        Thirdly, a teacher should be very supportive of her children. Being supportive helps the children understand themselves and others. The teacher should always encourage and praise her children. This results in the kids having high self-esteem. There are so many children that do not get the support that they need in their families. When the teacher gives them the support that they need, it can change the children's lives for the better.

          In essence, teachers have an extremely blessed job. For the most part they are the ones that help children determine their potential. They always have little eyes watching everything that they do, so it is important that the teacher does everything correctly as much as possible. Teachers are responsible for keeping their children safe at all times. It is gratifying for the teacher when they know that they will help at least on child if not more throughout their lifetime of teaching.


Irene Lee Xin Ying 3I

A visit to Berjaya Hills

       During the holidays, my parents and I went to Berjaya Hills. We spent two days and one night there.

My parents brought me to the Colmar Tropicale. When we reached our destination, we were very excited to see the beautiful view.

We went to the pond to see geese swimming. We moved around the place to see the Horse Trail Rides. It was a new experience for me to ride donkey.

After that, we went to Animal Park. We saw rabbits living in a hutch. They like to hop around. It was hard to catch them because they run very fast.

We also went to the Japanese Garden and wore a kimono to take a photo.

After that, we bought some souvenirs before we went home. This is my best holiday.

We were tired but we enjoyed ourselves very much.


Chua Qian Hua  6K

A Big Mistake

       I cried myself to sleep that cold winter night.  Why did I make such a silly mistake in class?  I knew that my best friend, Jade, would never forgive me for that.

       That morning, we were all in class waiting for our Geography teacher, Ms Poon, to come in.  Jade was very quiet.  She used to be a very talkative girl.  I wondered why she was so quiet.

       “Jade, what’s wrong with you?  Are you ill?”  She refused to answer.  She just kept quiet.  I was trying my best to get an answer.  Then she shouted at me on the top of her voice.  Everyone was very shocked.  The class was very quiet.

       She pointed her finger at me and said, “I told you not to tell anyone about my stepmother but you did!”

       Then I realized that I had broken the promise I made to her.  I told the form teacher about Jade’s stepmother.  I thought by telling the form teacher, Jade might be called up.  But I meant good.  Jade was abused by her stepmother.  I thought by telling the form teacher, I was, in fact, helping her.  Jade shouted at me again and told me to get lost.  I tried my best not to cry.  I walked out of the class forlornly.  I did not talk to anyone that day.  I kept to myself.


 Vincent Ooi Jian Kai 3K

A Bad Dream

It was a bright moonlit night. Weng Yew saw two men behind some bushes. They had huge bodies. Their eyes were large and in the moonlight, they looked angry. Weng Yew felt scared.

      The men saw Weng Yew. They began to walk towards Weng Yew. Weng Yew turned and ran, and the men chased after him. Weng Yew ran as fast as he could.

      The men were faster. They caught up with Weng Yew and grabbed his arm. Weng Yew began screaming. He opened his eyes and realized he had only been dreaming.



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Teow Shin Yi   6K

An Interesting Night


       It was a peaceful night. Everybody was sleeping soundly, except me. I could not sleep so I went to the kitchen for a drink.

       Suddenly, I heard a loud “clang” coming from my neighbor’s house. I immediately went outside to take a look. I saw someone climbing through my neighbor’s fence with a bat.

       I quickly went back and called my parents for help. After they woke up, I explained to them what happened. They quickly informed the police.

       Fortunately, the police station was near to our neighborhood. After three minutes, the policemen came. Suddenly, we heard a loud scream. The burglar ran out of the house. The policemen chased after the burglar and managed to catch him. After that, the policemen hand-cuffed the burglar and sent him to the police station.

       After that, our neighbor thanked my parents and the policemen for catching the burglar.


Low Xin Yi 6K

My Best Friend

       Probably my best friend is one of my schoolmates. My best friend is called Seow Shu Li. We have known each other since Year 2.

       She has short black hair, a small nose and a small pointed chin. She is not very tall but also not short either. She is very beautiful. She does not like to dress up but she likes to wear a necklace during tuition .

       We are interested in the same hobbies. We both enjoy music, singing and dancing. We like going to the cinema. We both like reading too. Sometimes we will go to the library to revise our homework or borrow books. Whatever we are doing it’s always fun to be with her.

       I cannot imagine going to school or tuition and not having her there. Since she is better in Mathematics and Science and I am better in Chinese and other languages, we can always help each other if we face difficulty in our homework. We are luckly that we complement each other so well and that we get along so well. I hope that our friendship will continue and be just as strong after we have completed our primary education. I hope that we could study in the same secondary school.


A Picnic

Last weekend, my family and I went to Pulau Pinang Summer Beach for a picnic. We bring a lot of food, drink and toys before departing.

We reached the beach after a few hours. My brother and I have found a suitable and comfortable place. I took out my ball and invited my brother to play with me. Our parents were preparing food while my brother and I played with the ball.

After some time, we felt tired and hungry. We ate the food that was prepared by our parents. It was delicious and we finished it very fast. Then, we decided to swim in the sea. My father and mother were chatting under the tree.

In the evening, we kept all the food and toys and prepared to go home. It was a nice day for me.


Yeoh E-Chng 5I

A Wonderful Trip to Singapore

During the holidays, my family and I went to Singapore. We travelled from Penang to Singapore at 10.45 p.m. by plane. We waited for an hour as the flight was delayed for 45 minutes.

We reached Singapore’s Changi Airport at 11.40 p.m. Then, we had supper at ‘Burger King’ at the airport. After that, we took a taxi to my uncle’s HDB flat. My uncle’s family was waiting for us.

The next day, after breakfast, my family and I went to the Science Center. There are exhibition rooms displaying all kinds of things, like human DNA, sound, prehistoric creatures. There is also a water park there; my sister and I played happily there. We also went to a garden and we learned many things about plants.

On the third day in Singapore, we went to Jurong Bird Park. There are many exiting bird performances. There are also 8000 birds from more than 600 species at the park. At night, we went to Marina Bay by MRT. I boarded the world’s larger giant observation wheel, that is the Singapore Flyer. The night scenery in Singapore is amazing when you see it from 165m above the city.

We also went to Sentosa Island. However, we were disappointed because the tickets to Universal Studios had been sold out. However, we enjoyed ourselves at the Underwater World where I saw dolphins performing for the first time in my life.

We went there for two weeks. We also bought a lot of chocolates, sweets and some souvenirs back to Penang. We could not bear to leave Singapore. This is my best holiday ever. I wish I could visit Singapore again next year.


Tan Jung Rong3K

An Unlucky Day


       Yesterday, my parents had just bought me a new computer . I was elated because I could play my favorite computer games .always stayed up late at night playing computer games.

       One morning , I woke up late because I played computer games until late at night. I quickly brushed my teeth and put on my uniform. I walked as fast as I could to the bus-stop but I was late for the bus. It started to rain. I did not bring along my umbrella. I had to run all the way to school. I even forgot my glasses. I kept on bumping onto people.

      When I reached school, I was drenched. The school gate was locked. I had to call for the guard. I was already late for my first lesson of the day. When I entered to my classroom, everybody was laughing me. I explained to my teacher. He punished and scolded me because he could not accept my reason.

       It was an unlucky day. I promised not to stay up late at night again. I had learnt a lesson.


Mangnus Tang Chun Jinn 5I

Should Newspapers Be


      With the development of our society,changes occur everyday. Every morning we get up only to find that science and technology have simultaneously bumped into our room and soon spread to the whole world. Digital camera has replaced camera;MP3 in place of Discman and Walkman; Intelligence administrating society instead of man-administrating community.Surely the media field has also been influenced. The traditional way of printing news through newspapers has now been confronted with the never-met challenge. We begin to wonder, Should the news paper be replaced?

Some people hold that the newspaper is bound to be media of the past. To start with, time plays the most important role.As is shown, what has been in the newspaper is outdated. That is to say, if we want to approach the latest news, newspaper is simply not a good way. For example, on Sept. 11, the moment the event took place, Internet and TV followed right away.That's just what technology has brought us. To follow is its limitation in reporting news. No newspaper can present all aspects of our life, for each serves a different goal. That means we have to consult different newspapers to meet our different needs.Compared with other ways of media, computer, for instance,through which we can get everything we want to know with only a little tapping of our fingers, is superior.

Quite on the contrary, others hold the opinion that even with the development of science and technology, newspaper, as symbol of the traditional media, won't disappear, for some of its advantages can't be replaced. First of all, it's convenient to carry about wherever you are. Newspapers can be easily packed in your suitcase, and can be bought everywhere.

How to imagine carrying a computer, only for several pieces of news? Second,newspapers offer a free choice for its readers.

Having a news paper, you can select what you do or do not want to read while TV or radio or even computer will probably confine your eyes to those that you regard as rubbish. Last, newspapers offer comments. Generally speaking, newspapers, especially formal ones,include formal remarks on the important events that provide you with a better understanding.

Concerning those two opposed opinions, I support the latter. Though the highly developed science and technology influence almost every corner of the world and quicken the pace of globalization which makes the idea of "sharing the source" come true, newspaper, as the traditional way of media, cannot be abolished, not only because of its irreplaceable advantages but its collectability and its inner charm of witnessing the good old days. The form changes, but the spirit never.


Yeoh Xin Ru  3K

I am the most memorable thing


30 August is my birthday.On that day ,my relatives attended my birthday.

       My mother helped me dressed up like a princess.Moreover,I also received a lot of presents.

       When my birthday party started ,they sang the happy birthday song for me . After that ,my father sliced the cake for my relatives. They said that the cake was very delicious .My mother and I made that cake .

       Probably at 10:00pm , my relatives went back to their homes.

       I feel very happy because because this is my first time I received a lot of presents . I am also happy because my mother and I made a delicious cake.


Tan Wan Ning  3K

My Father

        My father’s name is Tan Soon Hiang. He is thirty-seven years old. He is a workcell manager in Jabil Circuit in Penang. He works from 8.00 a.m to 4.00p.m every day except Saturday and Sunday. Most of the time, he will be busy in his work. He earns RM 4000 a month.

        He has a lovely and supportive family. He takes care of the family very well.

        I love my father and family very much as my father always spends a lot of time with us. We do homework, read and play together.

        My father is a very caring person and always guides us to be a better person.      



Ang Yu Jie 3K                                                            

My Sister

       I have an elder sister named Yi Ling. She is eleven years old. She is tall and thin. Her hair is short. She has a pair of bright eyes.

       My sister hobbies are playing badminton, reading and collecting stamps. Every day, she finishes her homeworks on time and then, she will read some story books and arrange the stamps in the stamp album. Every Thursday, we will play badminton together right in front of our house in order to gain a healthy body.

       Sometimes, when I have doubts, I will consult her and she will definitely assist me. But, sometimes when I am naughty, she will not hesitate to correct and lecture me.

       I like my sister because she is my best sister in my world.



Mok Ze Chun  3K

The A’Famosa


Last Sunday ,my family and I went to Malacca .We went to the A’Famosa .

       The A’Famosa is an old building .There was only a little part of it left .The cannons were also very old .

       My mother told me that the A’Famosa was once a bif and tall building. The people once used the building to fight for Malaysia .They used the cannons to shoot the enemies’ ships.

       The building was also very strong .Its walls protected the people from getting hurt .So , that is why the A’Famosa was a very important building .

       After that ,we bought some souvenirs . The next day , we packed our things and went home .


Ng Ying Hui


       My name is Ng Ying Hui. I am nine years old. I live in Kulim, Kedah with my family. I am the eldest child in my family.

       I have a caring father and a loving mother. My father is a hardworking hearing specialist. My mother is a teacher. She always helps me with my homework whenever I have problems. I love them very much because they take good care of me.

       I study at SJK ( C ) Kim Sen. It is a big school. I like this school very much because all the teachers are very kind and hardworking. I learn many subjects in the school. My favorite subjects are English and Art.

       I have many hobbies. They are singing, reading and making things by using recycle things. I like drawing, too. Besides that I have two pets. They are my dogs:“Fattie” and “Jessie”. We always play together as happy as larks.

       Everyone has an ambition. When I grow up, I wish to be an artist. I like drawing and making things very much. I hope my dreams will come true.


Kong Guan Yan 3K

It was a fun day!

       Last weekend, Aunt Jennifer and my two cousins, Jeffrey and Ken came to my house for a dinner.

Most of time, Jeffrey, Ken and I will play in the garden. That afternoon, after a short rain, the three of us saw a few large and small snails crawling near some herbs plants in the garden. Have you ever taken a close look at a snail? I saw that those snails have a hard brown shell, with two thin antennae on their heads. Snails are not fast. They move on a foot. I could see slivery slime trails where snails have passed on the ground. How beautiful, I thought!

       However, my mother disliked garden snails. I remembered there was a time where there came a large group of snails eating up all my mother’s flowers and herbs plants. Since then, she would catch and pull out any snails that she could find in the garden and throw them away!

       Though my mother disliked garden snails, we found them interesting. We took turns using a branch to tap lightly onto the snail’s head. It felt threatened and retreated into its shell. It was fun! Jeffrey then suggested playing snail pole climbing competition. Each of us cheered for our snails to win.

       Soon, Jeffrey’s snails turned backwards, Ken’s snail just stopped on the pole. My snail crawled slowly. I shouted excitedly: “my snail king won! I won!” Laughters was around the garden, we continued our competition again…

       In the late evening, Aunt Jennifer and my cousins bid farewell to us after having a delicious dinner. It was indeed a happy and relaxing day! I am looking forward to the next weekend to come.


Tan Jia Yi  6I

A talented singer I admire


Taylor Swift is a talented singer I admire. She is now 21 years old.

Taylor Swift comes from America. Her grandmother was an opera singer. She was influenced by her grandmother who likes to sing. Taylor Swift and her family moved to Nashville when she was thirteen and she made the decision to go to the café and sing there. Finally, she signed a contract with a record company.

She started to be a singer when she was fourteen. In 1997, Taylor Swift brought out her first album, “Taylor Swift”. Her album went straight into the chart after a few months. Then, she became famous gradually.

Taylor Swift is now struggling for her career. Her famous songs are “Mine”, “Fifteen”, “Back to December” and more. Her songs sound melodious.

Taylor Swift is the one who fight hard for her dream. I admire Taylor Swift because of her determination. I wish she will do better in the future.


Jocelyn Khor Jia Ying 6I

An Unforgetful Experience


       I hate performing on the stage, actually who knows that one day my English teacher told us that our class was chosen to participate in the Choral Speaking Competition. I was just like “You’ve got to be kidding me”. I mean, I have never performed the stage before.

       The first time when we went on the stage to practice Choral Speaking, I was so nervous. My legs were trembling badly. The benches were also shaking like they were going to fall. The truth is, I was really, really nervous. There were butterflies in my stomach.

      The night before the day of the Choral Speaking Competition, I just couldn’t sleep as I was so uneasy. The next day, I tried to calm myself down before we went on the stage. Everyone had done their best when performing on the stage.

      When the judges were going to announce the results, e were very anxious. We thought that we couldn’t get a prize. However, things weren’t going as bad as we thought. The judges announced that our school has won the second place. I just couldn’t believe my ears, so I pinched myself, but the pain told me that this was real. We did win the second place! Some of my classmates were screaming happily as if they were crazy. This was an unforgetful experience for me and I’ll never forget it.


Tan Li Huey 6I

The Important of Doing Housework


       House work is the household related chores such sweeping the floor, tidying up bedrooms, washing the clothes, emptying the dustbins, preparing meals, setting up tables, cleaning the plates and so forth. It is importance for the parents to instill the habits of doing housework in the children.

Every member of the family is responsible to keep the house clean. It’s more comfortable to live in a neat and clean house. Parents are busy at work to earn a living. They are exhausted after work. Therefore, children should help their parents and share the burden of doing the housework.

There are many advantages of involving the children in doing the household chores which are the basic living skills. Parent should take the opportunity to teach their children the proper way to do them. By executing the housework, the children learn early how to be independent and self-reliant.

When household chores are assigned to the children, they will learn the responsibilities of duty. In planning the duty rosters, parents can also stress the importance of completing the tasks on time and finish them according to schedule. In this way, children will learn more about punctuality and accountability. Children should be praised for a job well done. This will encourage them to continue their good job and they will take more pride in whatever they are doing. Te children will also learn how to work together among their siblings. This will help them to work together with other people in future.

In conclusion, it is important to install the habits of doing housework in the children. This will prepare them to face the challenge in life when they grow up. If a person is taught responsibility and accountability at an early age, these good virtues will carry over to any job they perform as adults. They will become more successful in future.


Victoria Ng Shean  6I

The Adventure of Wilhelm


       People have always been lured by the mysteries of deep, shadowy forests, or felled trees in clearings dappled by the sun. There was a place called Silver forest. Here the mysterious gloom thickened and boulders covered with moss loomed up the path. Only an occasional breath of air or the splash of frogs disturbed its somber calm. In this very forest, not only did shy animals hid in the green half-light, but also terrifying beasts living in there. A thousand gangers threatened any man who boldly entered the forest. And only very few ever succeeded to escape from the forest. “Once in, never came out of there,” said the folks who lived nearby the forest.

There was a poor carpenter who had an only son, name Wilhelm. The carpenter onlt cut wood at the outer part of the forest. He never went into the forest. Although the carpenter was poor, he was as wise as an owl. The carpenter had taught Wilhelm to be wise and never let him go near the Silver forest.

One day, the carpenter fell sick. Wilhelm decided to help his father to cut wood. The sick father let Wilhelm help him, but he warned Wilhelm, “Son, you can never go into the dark part of the forest, for there are dark and powerful creatures in the forest, like the fire breathing Jabberwocky. Be careful my son!”

Wilhelm noted and promised his father not to do anything dangerous. After that,  Wilhelm took his father’s axe and went out to cut wood.

After a little while, Wilhelm heard sounds from the forest. He saw birds flying away from the forest and small animals hiding themselves. Wilhelm curiously went deeper into the forest to see what was happening. Just then, a horrifying dragon flew out and stood right in front of Wilhelm. “I’ve not eaten for one whole month, it is about time for me to have a feast,” said the Jabberwocky with an evil grin. Wilhelm calmed himself and answered, “Oh really, Mr. Jabberwocky? Why, there’s a whole bunch of other dragons that look just like you, and they want to eat me too. What a coincidence!” The Jabberwocky was furious and commanded Wilhelm to take him to the dragon’s lair. Clever Wilhelm led him into the Cave of darkness, where nothing can be seen. The foolish Jabberwocky was tricked by Wilhelm. The Jabberwocky shouted furious, “How dare you! You dared to snatch my food, and even copied my look! I will not let this nonsense continue!” The Jabberwocky was shocked to hear many more voices from the cave echoing his words. The jabberwocky fought in the dark for he could not see anything. Wilhelm slipped out of the cave and ran back home as fast as he could.

When Wilhelm reached home, he told the whole story to his father. The carpenter said to Wilhelm, “The greatest treasure n the world , is to have you as a son.” Both father and son hugged each other happily. It was the best day for Wilhelm and his faher.



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posted Apr 30, 2011, 4:41 AM by SJKC KIM SEN

A Day When Everything Wrong

Tan Yuan Yong 6I(2010)


       Yesterday was the worst day that I had ever had! Everything went wrong and I could not imagine that.

The day started very badly in the morning. When I woke up, I found that it was already half past seven in the morning and I had a test in school. So, I quickly ran to the bathroom but I had to queue for the bathroom because my younger brother was bathing. I just could not do anything else but waited for him.

When I was ready, my father had already gone to work and nobody could drive me to school. Fortunately, my mother was in the kitchen. Therefore, I persuaded her to drive me to school. Alas, there was a terrible traffic jam on the road because there was an accident ahead of my mother's car. I could not wait anymore so I ran as fast as I could to school.

              When I reached the school, the test had already started. I was scolded by my teacher for being late to school and also not wearing school shoes. I was punished by my teacher. During the recess, I found that I had left my pocket money at home. I did not eat anything in the morning and I could not enjoy my 'brunch' in the canteen. I was so hungry that I  could not concentrate on my school work and was scolded by several teachers.

       After school, I ran all the way home because I was so hungry that I could swallow an elephant. When I reached home, my mother had gone to a supermarket. I dug into my pocket to take out the keys but there was no sign of my keys. I had left them in my room when I left the house in a hurry in the morning. As nobody was at home, I had no choice but to wait anxiously outside the house.

       At about three o'clock in the afternoon, my mother came home and she saw dozing off outside the house. She was furious and scolded me loudly outside the house. I felt extremely ashamed when my neighbours came out to see what had happened.

It was really an awful day that I had disappointed my parents and teachers. From that day onwards, I always sleep early to avoid any unfortunate incidents.


Chinese New Year

Sabrina Ewe 6I(2010)

       Another year had passed and it was Chinese New Year's eve. I was very excited At 8p.m., my grandparents, relatives and friends arrived at my house.


       When everyone had arrived, we sat down happily to have a reunion dinner. While we were eating, the doorbell rang. I went to answer the door. I saw lion dancers outside my house. I called everyone and we all watched the lion dance together. After that, we continued our dinner. At the stroke of midnight, we heard loud firecracker sounds outside. It turned out to be my neighbour, Mr. Lim and his daughter, Lily, playing with firecrackers. We joined them and had a good time.

Later, it was my grandfather's turn to tell everyone a story. It was about a fierce animal called "Nian". It came out only during the Chinese New Year to eat human beings. Our ancestors realized that when they were playing with the firecrackers, the "Nian" looked very frightened and ran away. Since then, it has been a Chinese tradition to play with firecrackers. When my grandfather finished telling the story, it was time for our favorite "Ang Pow" giveaway. I said thank you when I received the "Ang Pow".

When my grandparents were felling tired, my parents told them to take a rest. When everyone was leaving, we said goodbye and wished each other Happy New Year. Then, we went to bed.



Chan Ji Hin 6I(2010)


       "Oh" Mei Ying sat on the sofa. She had suddenly felt that she was swaying. Mei Ying closed her eyes and tried to regain her sense of balance. When she opened her eyes, she was shocked to see the hanging lamp swaying dangerously.

CRASH! The teacup on the table fell to the floor. Another crash from the kitchen told Mei Ying that it was an earthquake. Within seconds, her maid, Sofia, ran out from the kitchen.

"Quick! We must get out of the flat," Sofia cried. Together, Sofia and Mei Ying made a dash for the exit of the flat. They both knew it was not safe to use the lift.

As they fled, many people began to join them. Suddenly, Mei Ying realized that there was smoke coming out from her neighbour's kitchen window. She uttered a prayer for her neighbour, hoping no one was trapped in the fire.

Ten minutes later, two fire engines arrived and a troupe of fire fighters rescued Mei Ying's neighbour. Soon, the fire was put out. An ambulance then came to fetch the victims.


       That night, as Mei Ying was describing that incident to her parents. Her parents were relieved to see that she was safe. For the first time in her life, Mei Ying felt very blessed that nothing bad had happened to her family.


My First Trip to Carnival Water World in Sungai Petani

Poh Jia Shin 6I(2010)


       During the Chinese New Year,my family visited my uncle in Sungai Petani. On the fourth day of Chinese New Year, the weather was very hot. My uncle decided to take my cousin brothers and I visit the Carnival Water World.

When we reached the destination, there were many people queuing up to buy tickets. My uncle managed to get four tickets and we entered the water world. We were very to see many people playing in the water. We quickly went into the changing room and got ourselves changed. We rushed into the pool. My cousin brother was lucky to get me a big float. I sat on top of the float and they pushed me around. We went around the pool many times.

After that, we started to play on the slide. We slided down into the big pool. We shouted because of excitement. After playing for several times, we went to another pool. One of the reasons was my youngest cousin brother was afraid to slide.

The most beautiful pool was the one with many fountains. Some people played on the high slide and some were sliding on the slide with a big pail of water on top of it. When the water was full, it poured down. Many people shouted with joy when the water flushed on them.

At about 2:00p.m., my uncle asked us to stop playing. We changed our clothes. After playng for about three hours, we felt tired the thirsty. On the way home, we sang many songs. We hoped we could go again. I would always remember this memorable day. 


Intruder Alert!

Samantha Ong Sze Yuen 6K(2010)


One stormy night, lying comfortably in my bed, with a book on my lap. I was deeply engrossed in reading. I was so distracted that I failed to notice that a man was spying on me. He was a burglar, trying to get into the house without my noticing

       Suddenly, there came a bolt of lightning, judging by the light, I could make out a shadow from the corner of my eye. Since I was uncertain what it was, I barely cared about it. Well, T would regret my actions.

       Then, I heard a crash coming from the living room. I stayed frozen on the spot for a while. Then, I thought it was only my dog, Timothy. However when I heard a cough, I knew at once it wasn’t Timothy.

       I quickly climbed out of my bed and ran out to the living room. There, I saw Timothy lying asleep on the floor, he or whoever it was must have done something to him. Thinking that nobody was around, I went back to my room pretended to be asleep.

       A few seconds later, the intruder came into my room. He rummaged through my closet as if he expected to find something there.

       I stared blankly at him. All of a sudden, he turned around and stared at me straight in the eye. |He began to walk towards me. Something glinted in his hand, it was a knife!!! My mind went blank when I saw the gleaming knife.

       Then, an idea suddenly popped into my head. I shored and pretended to be asleep with my eyes opened. The intruder then realized that I was asleep and went on doing his work..

       Shockingly, he then went into the kitchen. I called the police and went spying on him. I saw him getting out a champagne bottle and a glass. He drank the whole bottle of champagne and went to the front door, drunk.

By that time, my father and brothers were awake. I told them what happened in a few words, They quickly ran out to the front porch hoping the intruder was still there. But he was already gone, his car speeding into the night.

       After my encounter with the intruder, I swore I would never ever leave any door or window open again.



Woom Rou Tian 3K(2010)


  Last weekend, my family and I went to Lata Bayu. We left early in the morning.

When we arrived, my father and mother arranged the food and drinks on a picnic mat under a shady tree.

My sister and I helped to carry things from the car. My brother brought a big umbrella in case it rained.

 After that, my sister, Joey, and I jumped into the water to swim. My mother, father and my brother sat on the picnic mat to have some food and drinks.

In the evening, we left and reached home safely. It was an enjoyable outing.


Ng Jia Ying 6K(2010)



At time it is sweet,

Sometimes it is sour,

But that is the taste of life!



Which gives a meaning to life,

And love,

But also be with you,

Friends are like the stars in the sky,

Sometimes missing,

Sometimes shining,

But do not worry,

As they are always there for you.

For a friend in need is a friend indeed.



A Special Birthday

Chan Ji Cheng    3I(2010)


       I heard a scream, I jumped down from my bed. It was eleven o'clock at night and the clock stroke loudly. I felt scared and I took a bat to protect myself.

I wanted to tell my family about this and I ran to my brother's bedroom. I had a shock to see my brother was not in his bed. I started to sob.

I thought somebody was downstair. I ran very fast till I fell. I was scared and screamed loudly.

Suddenly, I saw a flash of light from the kitchen. I tiptoed to the kitchen to see what was happening.

I saw my family in the kitchen. I forgot that today is my birthday. I cried and thanked my parents for making my birthday so special.


My dog

Nicholas Yeoh Kai Wen 3K(2010)


I have a dog in my house. Its  name is Rocky. It is a German Sheppard dog. I will take him for a walk every evening. Every night, it will help us guard the house.

Every morning and evening, I will feed Rocky food. Rocky likes to chase cats. If we take him for a walk, it will look for some cats. Every day, I will play with him.

I love my dog very much.


 Shopping Day

  Emily Tan Yi Xuan 3K(2010)


  Last Saturday, my mother and I went shopping. We went after lunch about one o'clock.

       First, my mother went to buy groceries in the supermarket. I helped to pick things from the shelves. I put them carefully in the basket. After paying at the counter, we went to the other shops.

There, my mother bought a blouse for me. There, she also bought a shirt for my brother. Finally, she bought a dress for herself.

 We were hungry and thirsty .So we went to Mcdonald restaurant to have our lunch. We went home about 5.00 in the evening.


My Pets

Victoria Ng Wan Ying      3I(2010)


       I have three pet dogs. My first dog is called Chuck. My second dog is called Bobo. My third dog is called Bubbles.

They live in a Kennel. Every evening, I will bring them for a walk.

Every Saturday morning, I will give them a bath by using shampoo and clean water. They smell good after taking the bath.

Sometimes, they are very clever. When I called them to sit, they will sit. They are also very cute and very intelligent.

I love them very much. I hope that they can stay with me forever.


My Holiday

Tan Hao Peng      3I(2010)


       I spent my holiday in Thailand, Hadyai. I stayed there from Friday to Saturday.

In the morning, I went to the top floor of the hotel to take breakfast. The food was delicious. In the afternoon, I went to Central Shopping Mall to buy stationeries. I bought two pencils, a plastic folder and a ruler. At night , I went to the night market by "tut tut". At the night market, my mother bought many pieces of cloth.

Next morning, I shopped at the roadside stalls.  I saw many types of food and fruit. I bought many toys from there. In the afternoon, I went home by car. 



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