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posted Apr 30, 2011, 4:41 AM by SJKC KIM SEN

A Day When Everything Wrong

Tan Yuan Yong 6I(2010)


       Yesterday was the worst day that I had ever had! Everything went wrong and I could not imagine that.

The day started very badly in the morning. When I woke up, I found that it was already half past seven in the morning and I had a test in school. So, I quickly ran to the bathroom but I had to queue for the bathroom because my younger brother was bathing. I just could not do anything else but waited for him.

When I was ready, my father had already gone to work and nobody could drive me to school. Fortunately, my mother was in the kitchen. Therefore, I persuaded her to drive me to school. Alas, there was a terrible traffic jam on the road because there was an accident ahead of my mother's car. I could not wait anymore so I ran as fast as I could to school.

              When I reached the school, the test had already started. I was scolded by my teacher for being late to school and also not wearing school shoes. I was punished by my teacher. During the recess, I found that I had left my pocket money at home. I did not eat anything in the morning and I could not enjoy my 'brunch' in the canteen. I was so hungry that I  could not concentrate on my school work and was scolded by several teachers.

       After school, I ran all the way home because I was so hungry that I could swallow an elephant. When I reached home, my mother had gone to a supermarket. I dug into my pocket to take out the keys but there was no sign of my keys. I had left them in my room when I left the house in a hurry in the morning. As nobody was at home, I had no choice but to wait anxiously outside the house.

       At about three o'clock in the afternoon, my mother came home and she saw dozing off outside the house. She was furious and scolded me loudly outside the house. I felt extremely ashamed when my neighbours came out to see what had happened.

It was really an awful day that I had disappointed my parents and teachers. From that day onwards, I always sleep early to avoid any unfortunate incidents.


Chinese New Year

Sabrina Ewe 6I(2010)

       Another year had passed and it was Chinese New Year's eve. I was very excited At 8p.m., my grandparents, relatives and friends arrived at my house.


       When everyone had arrived, we sat down happily to have a reunion dinner. While we were eating, the doorbell rang. I went to answer the door. I saw lion dancers outside my house. I called everyone and we all watched the lion dance together. After that, we continued our dinner. At the stroke of midnight, we heard loud firecracker sounds outside. It turned out to be my neighbour, Mr. Lim and his daughter, Lily, playing with firecrackers. We joined them and had a good time.

Later, it was my grandfather's turn to tell everyone a story. It was about a fierce animal called "Nian". It came out only during the Chinese New Year to eat human beings. Our ancestors realized that when they were playing with the firecrackers, the "Nian" looked very frightened and ran away. Since then, it has been a Chinese tradition to play with firecrackers. When my grandfather finished telling the story, it was time for our favorite "Ang Pow" giveaway. I said thank you when I received the "Ang Pow".

When my grandparents were felling tired, my parents told them to take a rest. When everyone was leaving, we said goodbye and wished each other Happy New Year. Then, we went to bed.



Chan Ji Hin 6I(2010)


       "Oh" Mei Ying sat on the sofa. She had suddenly felt that she was swaying. Mei Ying closed her eyes and tried to regain her sense of balance. When she opened her eyes, she was shocked to see the hanging lamp swaying dangerously.

CRASH! The teacup on the table fell to the floor. Another crash from the kitchen told Mei Ying that it was an earthquake. Within seconds, her maid, Sofia, ran out from the kitchen.

"Quick! We must get out of the flat," Sofia cried. Together, Sofia and Mei Ying made a dash for the exit of the flat. They both knew it was not safe to use the lift.

As they fled, many people began to join them. Suddenly, Mei Ying realized that there was smoke coming out from her neighbour's kitchen window. She uttered a prayer for her neighbour, hoping no one was trapped in the fire.

Ten minutes later, two fire engines arrived and a troupe of fire fighters rescued Mei Ying's neighbour. Soon, the fire was put out. An ambulance then came to fetch the victims.


       That night, as Mei Ying was describing that incident to her parents. Her parents were relieved to see that she was safe. For the first time in her life, Mei Ying felt very blessed that nothing bad had happened to her family.


My First Trip to Carnival Water World in Sungai Petani

Poh Jia Shin 6I(2010)


       During the Chinese New Year,my family visited my uncle in Sungai Petani. On the fourth day of Chinese New Year, the weather was very hot. My uncle decided to take my cousin brothers and I visit the Carnival Water World.

When we reached the destination, there were many people queuing up to buy tickets. My uncle managed to get four tickets and we entered the water world. We were very to see many people playing in the water. We quickly went into the changing room and got ourselves changed. We rushed into the pool. My cousin brother was lucky to get me a big float. I sat on top of the float and they pushed me around. We went around the pool many times.

After that, we started to play on the slide. We slided down into the big pool. We shouted because of excitement. After playing for several times, we went to another pool. One of the reasons was my youngest cousin brother was afraid to slide.

The most beautiful pool was the one with many fountains. Some people played on the high slide and some were sliding on the slide with a big pail of water on top of it. When the water was full, it poured down. Many people shouted with joy when the water flushed on them.

At about 2:00p.m., my uncle asked us to stop playing. We changed our clothes. After playng for about three hours, we felt tired the thirsty. On the way home, we sang many songs. We hoped we could go again. I would always remember this memorable day. 


Intruder Alert!

Samantha Ong Sze Yuen 6K(2010)


One stormy night, lying comfortably in my bed, with a book on my lap. I was deeply engrossed in reading. I was so distracted that I failed to notice that a man was spying on me. He was a burglar, trying to get into the house without my noticing

       Suddenly, there came a bolt of lightning, judging by the light, I could make out a shadow from the corner of my eye. Since I was uncertain what it was, I barely cared about it. Well, T would regret my actions.

       Then, I heard a crash coming from the living room. I stayed frozen on the spot for a while. Then, I thought it was only my dog, Timothy. However when I heard a cough, I knew at once it wasn’t Timothy.

       I quickly climbed out of my bed and ran out to the living room. There, I saw Timothy lying asleep on the floor, he or whoever it was must have done something to him. Thinking that nobody was around, I went back to my room pretended to be asleep.

       A few seconds later, the intruder came into my room. He rummaged through my closet as if he expected to find something there.

       I stared blankly at him. All of a sudden, he turned around and stared at me straight in the eye. |He began to walk towards me. Something glinted in his hand, it was a knife!!! My mind went blank when I saw the gleaming knife.

       Then, an idea suddenly popped into my head. I shored and pretended to be asleep with my eyes opened. The intruder then realized that I was asleep and went on doing his work..

       Shockingly, he then went into the kitchen. I called the police and went spying on him. I saw him getting out a champagne bottle and a glass. He drank the whole bottle of champagne and went to the front door, drunk.

By that time, my father and brothers were awake. I told them what happened in a few words, They quickly ran out to the front porch hoping the intruder was still there. But he was already gone, his car speeding into the night.

       After my encounter with the intruder, I swore I would never ever leave any door or window open again.



Woom Rou Tian 3K(2010)


  Last weekend, my family and I went to Lata Bayu. We left early in the morning.

When we arrived, my father and mother arranged the food and drinks on a picnic mat under a shady tree.

My sister and I helped to carry things from the car. My brother brought a big umbrella in case it rained.

 After that, my sister, Joey, and I jumped into the water to swim. My mother, father and my brother sat on the picnic mat to have some food and drinks.

In the evening, we left and reached home safely. It was an enjoyable outing.


Ng Jia Ying 6K(2010)



At time it is sweet,

Sometimes it is sour,

But that is the taste of life!



Which gives a meaning to life,

And love,

But also be with you,

Friends are like the stars in the sky,

Sometimes missing,

Sometimes shining,

But do not worry,

As they are always there for you.

For a friend in need is a friend indeed.



A Special Birthday

Chan Ji Cheng    3I(2010)


       I heard a scream, I jumped down from my bed. It was eleven o'clock at night and the clock stroke loudly. I felt scared and I took a bat to protect myself.

I wanted to tell my family about this and I ran to my brother's bedroom. I had a shock to see my brother was not in his bed. I started to sob.

I thought somebody was downstair. I ran very fast till I fell. I was scared and screamed loudly.

Suddenly, I saw a flash of light from the kitchen. I tiptoed to the kitchen to see what was happening.

I saw my family in the kitchen. I forgot that today is my birthday. I cried and thanked my parents for making my birthday so special.


My dog

Nicholas Yeoh Kai Wen 3K(2010)


I have a dog in my house. Its  name is Rocky. It is a German Sheppard dog. I will take him for a walk every evening. Every night, it will help us guard the house.

Every morning and evening, I will feed Rocky food. Rocky likes to chase cats. If we take him for a walk, it will look for some cats. Every day, I will play with him.

I love my dog very much.


 Shopping Day

  Emily Tan Yi Xuan 3K(2010)


  Last Saturday, my mother and I went shopping. We went after lunch about one o'clock.

       First, my mother went to buy groceries in the supermarket. I helped to pick things from the shelves. I put them carefully in the basket. After paying at the counter, we went to the other shops.

There, my mother bought a blouse for me. There, she also bought a shirt for my brother. Finally, she bought a dress for herself.

 We were hungry and thirsty .So we went to Mcdonald restaurant to have our lunch. We went home about 5.00 in the evening.


My Pets

Victoria Ng Wan Ying      3I(2010)


       I have three pet dogs. My first dog is called Chuck. My second dog is called Bobo. My third dog is called Bubbles.

They live in a Kennel. Every evening, I will bring them for a walk.

Every Saturday morning, I will give them a bath by using shampoo and clean water. They smell good after taking the bath.

Sometimes, they are very clever. When I called them to sit, they will sit. They are also very cute and very intelligent.

I love them very much. I hope that they can stay with me forever.


My Holiday

Tan Hao Peng      3I(2010)


       I spent my holiday in Thailand, Hadyai. I stayed there from Friday to Saturday.

In the morning, I went to the top floor of the hotel to take breakfast. The food was delicious. In the afternoon, I went to Central Shopping Mall to buy stationeries. I bought two pencils, a plastic folder and a ruler. At night , I went to the night market by "tut tut". At the night market, my mother bought many pieces of cloth.

Next morning, I shopped at the roadside stalls.  I saw many types of food and fruit. I bought many toys from there. In the afternoon, I went home by car.